Sunday, March 10, 2013

IGCSE Physics Test: Tactics To Get Good Marks

Title- IGCSE Physics Test: Tactics To Get Good Marks
IGCSE Physics exams are tough and to pass it is a big challenge of course. So, it is necessary to for choosing advance courses for it. The blog include some of the important steps to get excellent marks in marks in IGCSE Physics exam.
Attend Class Regularly And Pay Attention In The Class     
To get a get marks in the IGCSE Physics exam is to understand the concept well. Understanding is far better than memorizing things. You have to listen to your teacher carefully and try to understand how your teacher reaches to the answer. It is better than memorizing the answer. If you can understand the concept perfectly then you can answer any question related to the topic, instantly. Attending class and IGCSE Physics revision on daily basis is necessary.
Do Homework On Daily Basis
Homework is actually given to the students to reinforce what they have learned in the classroom. You need to do it on daily basis. It is the best way to learn things quickly. When you do IGCSE Physics revision at your home on daily basis then your concepts became clearer. Homework is practice at home.
Memorize Wherever Needed
It was just mentioned that understanding is more important than memorizing. However, there are some concepts which you need to memorize. Some of the best ways to memorize those things are: IGCSE Physics revision notes where you have pen down key points during class. Sometimes memorizing is very much helpful in understanding a concept very well.
Review sheet
When you study your Physics books look for key and important points and make review sheet. It will help you to revise quickly at the time of examination. Write them properly and yes does it by your hand never use compute for it or a copy paste option. Why is that? Because when you write, you speak and recall in your mind and it helps to remember the concept and stored inside the brain. Sometimes it happens during the examination, we got stack on some point. If, you follow such activity you will never stuck.